About New York Creative Arts Therapists


New York Creative Arts Therapists PLLC is a licensed provider of mental health services. We have three offices: Williamsburg, Brooklyn; Bushwick, Brooklyn, and Cold Spring, Hudson Valley.

What if you looked at your same old problems from a completely new perspective? 

Tackling emotional problems with creativity and ingenuity can lead to a new kind of awareness and unexpected clarity on issues that may have seemed intractable. The result is a newfound ability to imagine different solutions and better outcomes. With the support of our licensed mental health professionals who are also trained in the arts, you can find relief from mild to serious emotional distress.  We provide psychotherapy for adults, teens, children, and families with the option to use the visual arts, sculpture, music, voice, digital technology, storytelling, dramatic play, poetry, and theater improvisation in the therapeutic process.

Since 2009, we have helped people live happier, healthier and more productive lives despite serious personal challenges such as anxiety, depression, relationship problems, parenting, anger, burnout, unresolved trauma, and childhood abuse.

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Art therapy

Art museums are filled with paintings and sculptures that capture moments of conflict, horror, passion, and confusion. The images communicate beyond words. In art therapy the creative options are endless: pencil, collage, weaving, plaster, photography, digital art, printmaking, animation, and more.  Research tells us that recovering from trauma, making sense of a loss, or figuring out why you are always upset may not be a sequential process. Spilling paint and playing with personal symbols and metaphors can lead to an undiscovered path out of emotional turmoil. To find order and comfort in the mess of life requires exploration in the not-yet-known, with curiosity, an open mind, and a skilled art therapist as your co-pilot. 

Drama therapy

What roles do you play in your life? Do you feel like you are always the victim? Are you the reluctant caregiver? Maybe you’re the angry jerk, the goof or the go-getter. The addition of dramatic play and improvisation into psychotherapy allows even non-actor participants to discover new ways of being in their bodies—and in their lives. Licensed drama therapists can skillfully guide you to explore how you feel when you try out a different you. The use of scripts, metaphors, dialogue, movement, sound and spontaneity can lead to a better understanding of where you are stuck and where you can make change. This is not about yelling at an empty chair instead of your abusive father. This is about finding yourself.

Music therapy

Music is a powerful vehicle for connecting us to emotions, memories, creativity, hope and meaning. In psychotherapy, music becomes a tool that can free you from the constraints of spoken language, where we can find ourselves at a loss of the perfect word to effectively convey our feelings or concerns. The use of instruments, music selection, listening, vocalization, sounds and singing can sometimes communicate what talking cannot. Therapy becomes an opportunity to release emotions and allow them to be understood with greater clarity, so that you can feel empowered to make choices that work in your own life.