Deal with the Feels: A Creative Arts and Discussion Group for Teens

Deal with the Feels

A creative arts and discussion group for youth ages 15- 18 who are using alcohol or marijuana recreationally and worry about how it may be impacting their lives. Many young people experiment with substance use and see the adults in their lives drinking and smoking as well, but when does recreational use become another way to cope with difficult feelings?  How do you know if you are getting addicted? How much is too much?  This group, run by a certified alcohol and substance abuse counselor (CASCAC), will use creative projects and lively discussion to give kids a safe and confidential place to discuss the pros and cons of drug and alcohol use in their lives.

Wednesdays 3:30 - 4:30pm
11 Peekskill Road, Cold Spring

$200 for six sessions. Includes all art materials. 
Fee is $35/session. Use your health insurance to participate.  
For ages 15-18
No referral necessary. If this sounds like a group for you, text 845-337-2438 to set up a confidential appointment.  Or email jayne to set up a private meeting.

Our goal is to offer our art therapy studio as a supportive place to nurture your creativity, make personal discoveries and build a community of people who may think and feel much the same way you do

Price: $35.00
Wednesday, November 7 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM