About art therapy


The field of art therapy is founded in a long history of art being used for psychological healing. Typically, psychotherapy is a space for clients to explore problems without judgment. Art therapy adds another dimension to self-exploration by providing a concrete tool, the created art object, allowing an examination of life patterns through metaphor and symbolic expression.

Art therapy uses your own drawings and creative production to fix life problems that make you unhappy or keep you stuck. Making an art object in psychotherapy lets you view your situation from a distance. You can literally step back and take a look in a way that lets you playfully consider all the possible solutions.

Art therapy is a licensed field of practice in New York state. Like clinical social workers, counselors, and marriage & family therapists, a licensed art therapist must have a Masters degree, pass a board exam, and have at least 1500 hours of post-graduate supervised experience. For more information about the practice of art therapy visit: www.arttherapy.org