Private Practice Workshop: Money, Marketing, and Mojo

  • This course is not eligible for NYS CEs. Practice building courses are always excluded from continuing education as directed by the governing organizations.

Private Practice Workshop: Money, Marketing, and Mojo

For therapists in the early stages of running their own business.

Postponed  until June 2019. NEW DATE  & Time TBD
Location:  The Drama League of New York, 32 Avenue of the Americas, NYC
Taught by: Drena Fagen, LCSW-R, LCAT, ATR-BC
Fee: $150

You're not an expert yet, but you have clients and you're plugging along.

You've been building your practice, but maybe you've got some nagging questions.  This creative, discussion-based workshop can help. Many mental health professionals would agree that working in private practice allows for the ideal work situation: professional integrity, freedom, creativity, and the absence of compromise. But fears and practical questions get in the way. This workshop will inspire you to go for it or take your current practice to the next level.  In addition to teaching practical information it is our goal to guide practitioners  to develop ethical and effective strategies for running a successful practice that respects and considers the needs of consumers while helping the counselor reach his/her professional goals

This course is designed for therapists working in private practice:

  • creative arts therapists,
  • clinical social workers
  • marriage & family therapists
  • professional counselors
  • psychologists
  • nurse practioners
  • and other mental health practitioners

Workshop topics include three 60-minute segments:

1. Marketing
Take a closer look at your current branding and outreach strategies to get the clients you really want. In a supportive and constructive envrionment we will analyze your current marketing materials, including website, psychology today profile, your elevator pitch, and any other promotional items. Get feedback on the language you are using and the impression your message makes; is it doing it's job? We will help you clarify your marketing strategy is so that you can attract the right clients for you.

2. Money
Many therapists feel uncomfortable fully addressing fees, payment, and rate increases because it goes counter to their identity as helpers or caregivers. We will discuss practical matters, as well as clinical issues around money. You will indentify personal beliefs and messages about money and learn how they impact the transference/counter-transference. We will discuss how to use the concrete issues of payment , non-payment, fee increases, and fee policies to reflect on patient beliefs and behavior in the therapeutic relationship to further treatment goals.

3. Mojo
Finally, we will talk about one of the most important aspects of sustaining a thriving practice: how to maintain your mojo, despite the ups and downs. Are you working with the right clients for your skills? Are you excited to go to work each day? This final hour will provide an opportunity to troubleshoot problems such as client retention, knowing when to accept a client or referring out when it's not a fit for you, and reducing the isolation of working alone. 

Your instructor
Drena Fagen, LCSW-R, LCAT, ATR-BC is the co-founder and Director of Programs at New York Creative Arts Therapists. She and her partner, Nadia Jenefsky, have managed the growth of their practice since 2005 when they started off sharing a single room in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Their practice now employs ten salaried therapists, in three studio locations, and trains three graduate interns each year. She loves talking about business and how to turn big ideas into reality. Drena has an uncanny ability to talk about boring yet essential topics with as much humor as is humanly possible. Before she was a therapist and a business owner, Drena worked in advertising in Los Angeles and got to make cool print ads for Star Trek the Next Generation, Fender guitars and Roland synthesizers.


Price: $150.00
Friday, April 12 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM
“I liked the down to earth approach.” • “I feel a sense of clarity and inspiration." • “I learned that integrating the business and therapy are not so scary.” • “I learned the importance of language in promotion and the pitfalls that therapists fall into.”

Reviews from previous participants in our private practice courses.