Camila Casaw

Associate Music Therapist
Graduate student intern, Brooklyn

Camila is currently completing her Masters in Music Therapy from New York University. She also holds a BA in Music Therapy from Loyola University in New Orleans. After completing her initial training in music therapy and gaining professional experience in the field for a couple of years, Camila is thrilled to have the opportunity to complete her advanced training in music therapy to better serve, understand and support clients through the foundations of music psychotherapy. In her sessions, Camila strives to foster acceptance and validation through music improvisation, songwriting, and therapeutic listening. She uses a person-centered approach, following the clients lead and gently guiding them through music spaces for self-expression, inner insight, and emotional support. Camila has clinical experience working with patients in a behavioral health hospital, specifically with adolescents and adults experiencing depression and anxiety disorders; children and adolescents in foster care residencies; and refugees resettled in Atlanta. She is originally from San Jose, Costa Rica, and is fluent in Spanish. Camila is a strong believer in using music as a way of communication beyond language barriers and walking through life’s emotional challenges in a safe and meaningful environment of validation, growth, and healing.