Ink Blot Art Workshop


Screen Free Week
Ink Blot Art

A special event for kids 10+. Adults welcome!
Tuesday, May 2 @ 4:00
Location: Create Community, 11 Peekskill Road, Cold Spring, NY

FREE ADMISSION - E-mail to reserve a spot

Join us for a fun workshop using ink blots and your imagination! The ink blot workshop is based loosely on the classic Rorschach test, a psychological assessment that used to be a very popular method for a doctor to analyze a patient's innermost thoughts and feelings.

Don't worry, we aren't going to analyze you. Only you will be able to interpret your blot, because you will be creating it yourself!  But, you might be surprised to see that your artwork can reveal some interesting surprises.

You don't need to be good at art to enjoy this project.  We will also include some writing to flesh out a story or character that shows up in your ink blot art. The art therapist (aka. teacher of the class) will offer a list of questions for you to ask yourself to see if your ink blot holds any particular meaning for you. Think of it as your own dream analysis—but you will be awake.  We promise we will not make you share your feelings! This is just for fun.

Price: $1.00
Tuesday, May 2 4:00 PM to 5:15 PM
I love creating ink-blot art. I am always surprised to see how the image turns out to be a metaphor for something on my mind. It's kind of amazing!

Drena Fagen, teacher of the workshop