Linh H Nguyen

Associate Art Therapist
Graduate student intern, Brooklyn

Linh is in her final year of graduate studies in Art Therapy at the School of Visual Arts. Linh is pursuing her degree as a Fulbright grantee from Vietnam. She approaches therapy from a holistic, client-centered stance with the goal of establishing a safe, reliable relationship. She confidently integrates tools from yoga and mindfulness, such as breath work and non-violent communication theory into her therapeutic practice to guide clients to their own sources of support in the moment. Back in Vietnam, she was a professional art facilitator, a book author, an illustrator, a storyteller, a host and an activist. Her passions in life include youth empowerment, feminism, creative arts, healing, community building and giving back. Linh holds a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and is a certified Sivananda Yoga instructor. For the past five years she has been a regular practitioner of yoga and mindfulness.