Parent-Child Resilience Group

Parent-Child Resilience Group for Ages 12-14
Keep your child safe from drug and alcohol abuse

This unique creative arts therapy group will include multiple families working separately and together to improve communication and to remember how to enjoy one another's company. One parent and one child ages 12- 14 participate together doing art, improv, and simple movement activities to strengthen the parent-child bond and to develop new skills for communicating effectively.  This group is ideal for families with a history of substance use, particularly if one parent grew up in an alcoholic home themselves. We all strive to be better parents than ours were, but it is easy to fall into learned patterns from childhood and end up repeating dysfunctional cycles. Join this playful group that will help disrupt some of those patterns so that you and your child can share a full and rich life together for a long time

Wednesdays 6:30 - 7:30pm
11 Peekskill Road, Cold Spring

$240 for six sessions. Includes all art materials. 
Fee is $40/session. Use your health insurance to participate.  
For one child age 12-14, plus one parent or caregiver. Max. of four families

An interview or a referral from a school counselor is required to participate in this group.  Email to set up an interview today.

Our goal is to offer our art therapy studio as a supportive place to nurture your creativity, make personal discoveries and build a community of people who may think and feel much the same way you do

Price: $40.00
Wednesday, November 14 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM
"Despite the seriousness of the topic, this group will provide a fun and playful environment for exploring and enhancing the parent-child relationship."

Drena Fagen, MPS, LCSW-R, LCAT Director of Programs