Parent Support Group (Now on ZOOM)

Parent Support Group
This group is on hiatus and will return ONLINE as a Zoom class in October 2022.

Thursdays 7:30-9 pm for 6 weeks
For parents of children ages 4-12 years old.
Fee: $40 per session

Join us for a 6-week didactic and supportive group. There will be parenting strategies, sharing, and adult conversation about how we and our children can best respond to common family and community challenges. Nadia Jenefsky, our Clinical Director, offers resources, conversation topics, psychoeducation and a good dose of humor about what makes your children tick and how to help, as well as how to take care of yourselves and stay sane. Use the registration link to pay and get the zoom access code.

REVIEWS: Read what other satisfied parents have to say about our tune-up group!

Are you parenting as effectively as you know you can?

  • Do you know what to do but you don’t actually do it?
  • Are you giving too much negative attention to your child?
  • Is your family stressed and burned out?
  • Are you facing learning or behavior challenges with your child that make you feel alone?

As life becomes more stressful, it’s hard to keep doing the work of being the good parents we know we can be. This group will reinforce good habits by reminding you to stay aligned with your own parenting philosophy.  Research suggests that the key to a more disciplined and happy child is to focus on the parent-child connection. This special online version of our popular parenting group will focus on providing support, skills you can use right away, and managing the day-to-day as we shelter at home and manage our own (and our kids') anxiety about the future. The group format is designed for collaboration and support. 

Parents from the June 2015 workshop say: "Nadia as a facilitator was amazing!"  "The art exercises were so helpful for introspection." "We saw improvements in a very short time."

In addition to meeting other parents who share your struggles, you will learn:
• How to understand your child’s play as a “language”
• How to engage with your child to build a stronger connection when behavioral challenges may have weakened your bond and mutual enjoyment.
• How to manage your emotional responses and improve your effectiveness
• Different parenting philosophies and discipline techniques that may fit with your family’s values and style.

Price: $40.00
Thursday, April 23 7:30 PM
"I got so much out of the parenting tuneup workshop. The small group environment, simple exercises and and effective techniques had immediate results in our family. We were struggling with a lot of different issues and it seemed that in six weeks we gained a better understanding of all of them. Our son showed the most improvement. His grades went up the last quarter. [When] we asked why he thought his grades went up, he answered: "I think it's because I had more confidence in myself". I recommend it for anyone with issues big and small."