It's not Yelp, but we've got some reviews.

Feedback from a some of our popular workshops:

Parenting Tune-Up

This popular workshop has satisfied many parents and families, in some cases eliminating the need for further therapy. Here is some of the feedback we've received.

"I just wanted to once again say thank you for such a wonderfully informed, thoughtful, and emotionally responsive presentation last night. We loved having you with us, as well as the calm energy you exuded to the entire group! The parents and teachers who attended expressed to me just how much they enjoyed the experience, as well as how much they learned from you, which is all I could have hoped for!" -Bryce Linthicum, Ed. Director, Williamsburg Neighborhood Nursery School (WNNS)
"I knew from the first class that this class would help me go deeper into myself as a person, not just a parent, which ultimately would help me be a better parent. Very well supported and thoughtfully put together." 
"I loved making art in this group. Nadia provided diverse, inspiring art materials as well as thought-provoking concepts to work from. She also held a very supportive space. I love how much humor and camaraderie we can have together as parents. I think the art making helped us relate and be able to have perspective on ourselves."
"I got so much out of the parenting tuneup workshop with Nadia. The small group environment, simple exercises and and effective techniques had immediate results in our family. We were struggling with a lot of different issues and it seemed that in six weeks we gained a better understanding of all of them. Our son showed the most improvement. His grades went up the last quarter and we asked why he thought his grades went up he answered "I think it's because I had more confidence in myself". We also saw Nadia for couples work and in one session we were able to gain a deeper understanding that lead to deeper connection with our child and with our family. I recommend it for anyone with issues big and small."
"[The class] made a significant improvement in how I deal with my daughter in difficult situations. I feel more connected to her."
"The lessons all connected and really helped me understand how to be a more patient, empathic parent. We saw improvements in a very short time."

Using Art in Therapy (Various Trainings)

Since 2012 we have offered different courses that introduce the use of visual arts in therapy to other mental health professionals. Sometimes these trainings are requested by agencies and we work directly with their on-site staff.

"This was a really wonderful experience. It provided a great foundation and made me enthusiastic to learn more. It also felt really good to be making art myself!"

D.B., Hunter College MSW Student

"I was really impressed with this workshop. Having worked in art therapy for over 5 years I left the workshop with a renewed enthusiasm for the field. Also loved the location and was awesome to get out of nyc for a day."

Feedback from April 2018 "Creative Toolbox: Our Favorite Interventions" held in Cold Spring studio in the Hudson Valley.

“This is by far one of the most fun continuing ed experiences I’ve had. I loved the hands on experience, and the instructors were thoughtful, warm and welcoming. Registration was easy and the fee affordable. I love being in Cold Spring and having a good chunk of time exploring the town.”

Feedback from April 2018 "Creative Toolbox: Our Favorite Interventions" held in Cold Spring studio in the Hudson Valley.

"Loved the hands-on learning!"

From May 2016

"I loved all the projects and appreciated the diversity of applications. Not all of us worked in the same setting or with the same population, but it was easy to see how transferrable and easily modified the activities were."

Student in course on using the arts in group therapy at NYU Social Work, Spring 2016

“I enjoyed this workshop! It was great to create art while learning & discussing new techniques. Art doesn't have to be perfect!"

Jenine F, Joe Torre Foundation

"The workshop was a thought provoking, heart searching, self awakening primer to work outside the box to serve others.”
“It was a great balance of didactic and experiential.”

Rebecca R., Clinical Director, Joe Torre Foundation

“I really enjoyed the workshop and got a lot of insight into how art therapy works and practical ways to integrate art activities into clinical work.”
"This was AMAZING. I LOVED it. It was actually real experiential learning where we learned about countertransference and how it impacts the work. It was very clinical and so applicable to any work that we do. I felt so rejuvenated after the workshop and it was truly so inspiring."

Feeback from 2012 course taught for the NYC Chapter of NASW.

“I liked doing the activities, discussing our thought process after completing the assignment and gaining some insight into how the clients may feel themselves.”

Using Drama and Improvisation in Therapy

We offer regular trainings on the use of drama therapy in clinical practice. Here is some feedback from a training offered in March 2016.

"When I came to the Drama Therapy experience and training that Mark presented on March 11, I was hoping for greater understanding of the Drama Therapy process, how it could be implemented in my therapy practice.  I received this and so much more.  From the very first moments of our program I became engaged in the process of becoming in a very short time part of a group, which at day's end became effortlessly known to me in a series of wonderfully led experiences that created the kind of heart-opening, community-building and therapeutic experiences that one could easily use within one's work with people.  Mark demonstrated in his manner and explanations the way to created that ever- important safe space in which the people we care for can bring who they are, and discover themselves and others.  With great clarity Mark explained how each exercise we explored functioned in the context of the therapeutic experience.  I am looking forward to Learning more about this exciting modality, using it in my practice, and studying with Mark in the program's he presents."

Arden Fekett, MPS, LCAT

"My experience at the Drama Workshop led by Mark was thrilling, in the sense that it opened up to me an avenue of expression that I hadn’t considered previously, both in therapeutic and personal work. Mark’s understanding and depth of knowledge of the subject was informed not only by intellectual awareness, but also a wide range of experience that made the workshop both stimulating and sparked my imagination, as to how I might use it in my work, and life. His light-handed guidance made the material very approachable, and encouraged me to integrate it into my thinking about therapeutic applications. Even more of a surprise (since this was all new to me), I decided to look into the possibility of joining future workshops, or on-going classes, in the area of drama therapy. Would that I were 30 years younger, to delve even more deeply into the work and use its insights in my practice!"

Bill Wertheim, LCSW

Burnout and Vicarious Trauma

In April 2014 Drena Fagen presented at the New York Presbyterian, Peggy Greene Lecture Series for Child Life Professionals

"Phenomenal presentation very relatable, funny interesting relevant."
"The speaker was great, interactive and funny.  The information she presented was SO relevant to my work—will definitely take home this information."
"Bring it to our hospital! AMAZING!"
"Excellent presentation the best that I have seen on this topic. You are a wonderful resource! "
"I feel like I can bring this back to my team and be more aware of my own practice."
"This presentation was very validating and will help me to practice better self care in the future"

Private Practice Primers

We regularly offer trainings for clinicians entering private practice. These courses are not eligible for Professional CEs. The courses cover everything from Vision and Planning, Insurance 101, and Marketing and Promotion, and are sometimes led by guest facilitators. Here are some comments from some of those workshops:

"I don't typically give all 5's [out of 5] but this was exceptional!"
“I liked the down to earth approach.”
“This workshop exceeded my expectations. I feel a sense of clarity and inspiration. I have a much clearer sense of how to present myself to different people.”
“It was very inspiring. It reminded me of what I’m trying to do.”
“I learned that integrating the business and therapy are not so scary.”
“I learned the importance of language in promotion and the pitfalls that therapists fall into.”


LGBTQI Foundations

We offer timely and practical trainings on all aspects of working with LGBTQ clients. Trainings range from acquiring basic understanding and terminology, to exploring more complex and layered issues that are relevant to both clients and clinicians.

"The workshop delivered by Mark Beauregard of NYC Creative Therapists was incredibly helpful in gaining theoretical and clinical insight on the counseling of LGBTQ youth. Mark's skill set as a workshop leader was evident as he used both didactic and active methods in helping us understand and explore the concepts presented. His background in the subject was clearly comprehensive and he worked diligently to understand the skill level of the audience and work with us from there. I would highly recommend Mark as a guest speaker. Thanks for the great workshop!"

Jason F., Doctoral Student, School Psychology