Waiting List Groups


New York Creative Arts Therapists Waiting List Groups are designed to help you get support, understanding, and solution-focused strategies for coping while awaiting individual therapy. The demand for mental health services has exploded (as you well know) and research demonstrates that short term interventions like these groups can provide much needed relief. These groups are not therapy per se, as individuals participating will have differing needs. What members will have in common is feeling isolated in their struggles, the need for support and strategies for coping, and a sense of confusion or frustration regarding how to navigate the mental health system.

All groups are virtual via Zoom or google Meet.
Cigna, Healthfirst, Fidelis, MVP, and Aetna insurances accepted.  
$35/session if we cannot accept your insurance.

If an individual appointment becomes available while you are in group, you will be offered the slot ahead of others on the waiting list and can stay in the group while also attending individual therapy. Or you can opt out of the group at that time.

Adult groups - available mid-November
6-8 week support groups via zoom, immediate solutions for coping with stress, and a community of others dealing with the challenges of the moment. These groups will offer proven strategies and invite members to share their own solutions for handling anxiety, depression, burnout, etc. We will also provide a semi-structured framework to guide our sessions and will invite you to use art therapy and creativity in these sessions. Learn about different kinds of therapies so you can make choices about your next steps for wellness. Register on this page or email Melissa. 

Parent groups - starting in January 2022
4 week group to access immediate support for parents dealing with children who are having difficulty regulating big emotions. We will offer specific, evidence-based strategies that parents can try in their own homes while awaiting therapy support for their child. 


Price: $5.00