What is music therapy?


Music is a powerful vehicle for connecting us to emotions, memories, creativity, hope and meaning.   Music therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to promote health and achieve therapeutic goals. Music therapy is focused on the process of using musical experiences and the relationships that develop through them as a force for change. Just like any other therapist, a music therapist is there to support, guide, and witness your experience towards health. 

Because the focus is on the process, you do not need to have musical skills to participate or benefit from music therapy. In psychotherapy, music is a powerful tool to communicate what words cannot. Music can also help release emotions allowing them greater clarity in verbal processing. 

As a music therapy client you may expect to experience:
·      Instrumental improvisation
·      Singing and vocalizing
·      Listening experiences
·      Songwriting
·      Mindfulness through music  
·      Verbal processing

Music therapy is a licensed field of practice in New York State. Like clinical social workers, and marriage & family therapists, a licensed music therapist must have a Masters degree, pass a board exam and have at least 1500 hours of post-graduate supervised experience. For more information about the practice of music therapy visit musictherapy.org

Meet our music therapists here: https://nycreativetherapists.com/about-us

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