Creative Arts Psychotherapy for Children, Teens, Adults, and Families


What would you discover if you spent an hour getting to know yourself in a different way? Our NYS licensed therapists help adults, children and teens tackle life's problems with creativity and ingenuity.  Our clients report that the creative arts psychotherapy approach leads to surprising clarity and new solutions to current problems as well as relief from long-standing emotional issues.

We offer individual and group therapy in Cold Spring, NY.
11 Peekskill Road @ Create Community space.
Parking is available in the back of the building off of Pine Street.  We are walking distance (0.5 miles) from Haldane School.
Most insurances accepted. 
Email for more information.

Creative Arts therapy is a specialized form of psychotherapy that incorporates creative expression into the therapeutic process. Like more traditional talk therapy, it involves forming a professional relationship with a therapist to help you with personal problems. Rather than giving you specific advice, a creative arts therapist serves as a skilled listener and observer who helps you clarify issues, discover wishes and explore feelings through both verbal and non-verbal means. With this improved understanding of the patterns and beliefs that inform how you live your life, you can more effectively make changes and resolve the problems that are causing you distress. In addition to being trained in clinical skills, creative arts therapists usually specialize in a specific form of creative expression, such as dance/movement, art, music, drama, or even poetry, video/photography.

Groups for Adults

Self-Care Art Therapy Group for Women - Group is closed to new members.
Tuesdays 9:45-11:00am

Parenting Tune-Up

Banish the bad behavior — yours and your kids' !
New cycle to be announced soon.











We were excited to expand our popular Brooklyn practice beyond the city. Now Hudson Valley residents can get the same skilled arts-based psychotherapy we have been offering in NYC for nearly 15 years.

Nadia Jenefsky
Clinical Director, Williamsburg and Bushwick, Brooklyn locations