Entrepreneurs have to take care of everything. Let us take care of you.

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Smart business owners and entrepreneurs recognize that they are the biggest resource in their business.

Your stamina, mental health, physical health, and energy are critical to success. If your business’ greatest asset, YOU, burns-out, you’re in big trouble.

Overachievers and perfectionists.

If you are a high achieving, entrepreneur you may recognize that you have difficulty recognizing limits. You want and need everything to be perfect. To match your vision. Customer service at all costs! Making VCs happy no matter what!  Learning that it is possible to identify and set reasonable limits is essential to preventing burnout–-which is the gap between what is possible, what is expected and the perception of  reward. Our brief workshops and on-site corporate trainings can help you clarify whether the expectations you set for yourself and your business are emotionally or rationally determined.

If you’re headed for burnout, take care of yourself now. Your business will thank you.

If you see yourself in any of these questions you may be headed for entrepreneur burnout:

  • Are you feeling overworked and underpaid? That the payoff for running your own business will never come?
  • Do you find yourself keeping news about your business to yourself?
  • Do you sometimes hate aspects of your job but can’t tell anyone because you have no right to be dissatisfied as your own boss?
  • Can you feel isolated and alone when your business is doing anything besides growing?
  • Are you addicted to getting new leads, new clients, and new ideas versus dealing with the daily maintenance of the business?

Current offerings:  

• Individual coaching to reduce burnout and increase stamina to achieve.  E-mail for a consultation.
• On-site corporate trainings and retreats.