Isabel Shanahan, MA, LCAT, RDT

Senior Drama Therapist

Isabel is a graduate of the New York University Master's program in Drama Therapy, is licensed in New York and holds the national registration for drama therapists. Isabel's background in acting, theater making, and creative community development work, including her current role as the Director of Brooklyn Acts, a student-driven theater program, afford her a rich, integrated approach to healing through drama therapy.  Isabel has worked with children, adolescents, adults, and their families cope with a variety of challenges through theater and play, including terminal illness, inter-family trauma, behavioral issues, chronic mental health obstacles, and major life changes. Isabel believes deeply in the power of healing through creative expression, and it's power to help cross cultural and personal barriers towards a deeper human connection.  For her own personal and creative outlets Isabel makes theater with her creative partners, and escapes the city frequently to explore small towns and be in the woods. Isabel was a graduate intern with our company in 2013 and we are excited to have her return to work with us full time.