Kayla Jewette, MA, LCAT, BC-DMT

Dance Movement Therapist
Brooklyn studio

Kayla is a licensed, registered and board certified Dance/Movement therapist and received her degree from Pratt Institute. Kayla’s approach emphasizes the healing power of the mind-body connection. Through mindful movement patients will be able to uncover emotions, thoughts and patterns of behavior they wish to overcome in order to grow. As an African in America, Kayla is adamant about serving people of color and providing services to the community. Kayla’s emphasis and work is deeply rooted in recognizing how culture and community impact one's relationship with themselves as well as others in the growth and development of mental, spiritual and emotional faculties. Through incorporating indigenous healing practices and movement in the therapeutic space, individuals will gain trust and communities will see greater balance, collectivity and individuals will gain a sense of purpose and live life fully. Kayla enjoys supporting patients in the discovery of tools to aid in reducing anxiety, depression and living true to themselves.

Throughout her time as a mental health professional she has worked in different facilities such as schools, nursing homes, a residential facility and most recently an inpatient psychiatric unit in a Brooklyn hospital. She serves on the American Dance Therapy Association’s Nominating Committee, is a member of the Spirituality and Religion Affinity Group, and presented at the ADTA conference on the cultural/ spiritual aspects of ancestral practices and how it informs her Dance Therapy approach.

Kayla enjoys dancing and being in nature near water in her spare time to keep herself grounded and connected to her own healing.