Teen therapy that engages the developing adult mind & plays with the kid inside.

The world has been a challenging place for teens lately. Getting help early is the key to a positive outcome. If your teen is struggling, we're here for them. (And you!)


Teens thrive with Art Therapy and Music Therapy.

Our teens have been through a lot lately. They are coming of age in a time of pandemic, climate change, social & political unrest, school shootings, social media, and more. If your teen is struggling, we can help. We approach therapy with pre-teens, teenagers, and young adults with an expert awareness of the major physical and psychological developmental tasks they face. Change occurs through the exploration of personality and behavioral problems using developmentally appropriate means of self-expression.

We offer art, drama, dance, movement, poetry, spoken word and talk therapy to uniquely meet their needs. Therapy goals are set and mutually agreed upon by parent, teen, and therapist. We seek to find the balance between giving adolescents the autonomy they need to trust and share their innermost thoughts and feelings with a therapist; with the real-life reliance on and expectations of parents and other authorities, like school. We strive to create a safe and confidential environment for your child to work out problems and develop his or her own solutions with strengths previously undiscovered or underutilized.

For teens struggling with expressing their emotions appropriately (sometimes called emotional dysregulation) our team is well-versed in integrating Dialectical Behavioral Therapies (DBT) and other CBT interventions to enhance your teen's ability to manage overwhelming feelings.

Reasons to consider therapy for your teen:

  • Difficulty adjusting to life events, such as a major relocation, divorce, death of a loved one or pet, or major illness.
  • A change in behavior, mood, sleep, appetite, or academic functioning.
  • Increase in risk-taking or self-destructive behaviors, such as drug and alcohol use, skin cutting, unhealthy relationships.
  • Increase in oppositional behavior or extreme withdrawal or isolative behavior.
  • School stress, test anxiety, bullying, or peer pressure.
  • Problems maintaining friendships or interacting socially with peers.
  • Witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event, including abuse, car accident, or urban violence.

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