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Thursday, June 19 2:08 PM

On our most recent staff retreat we had fun writing haikus about the creative therapies. While we aren't announcing the winner until tomorrow, here were the entries. Please share yours in the comment section! The format to follow is 3 lines: 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and 5 syllables. Enjoy!

Flows from the inside out with

Art holds my story
Let's start from the beginning
What words cannot say.

This is how it flows
My mind comes out on paper
Now my mind is free.

Art therapy is
The balance between
The head and the heart.

190 North 10th
Space for creativity
Nimble minds unite!

Untangles knots of mind
We make that happen.

41 Bell
Place of color and calming
Space away from home.

Creative Artist
Is there any other kind?
Creative Humans.

Building Together
Making meaning for myself
Colorful journey.

Inspired by art
The cool CATS of therapy
Take Williamsburg

Your self expression
Is it just inside of you?
It is for sharing.

Unstick your stuck stuff
Life gets yicky goop a-roo
Art and Drama helps.